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We are passionate about pushing the world of Technology forward through helping companies with implementing  innovative solutions. Our experts have broad experience gained from various challenging projects in Telco, Banking or adTech business. 

OpenBean footprint is visible even in the mecca of the whole IT..  The Silicon Valley!

Are you thinking about building a new Big Data cluster?

Our Services

Our Services

We are capable to complete a soluton implementation,  maintain running applications, provide consultancy services or even training in the following areas:

Big Data

We offer broad expertise in the area of Big Data. Hadoop, Spark, Kafka… we can do all that.


Would you like to bring your employees to the next level of a technology knowledge? We can share with you some of the gained know-how - AI, DevOps, Big Data, programming

Machine Learning

What we really love is adding value to available data, people can benefit out of a solution only once data turns into information.

Web Development

Our company offers from-scratch web development using cutting edge technologies


The whole training went great. The information was comprehensible and I also appreciate the effort to explain even the little things or the basics so that the information forms a comprehensive whole. Although I am a beginner, I took a lot of information from the training.



Ready to find out more?

Currently we are looking for smart students who are eager to gain working experience during their studies. Students who want to get inspired as well as want to inspire others themselves.  If anything up here speaks directly to your heart & brain, this is the chance and we are truly looking forward to hearing from you.

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