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We're looking for UI developer for developing of internal applications for extraction & processing of e-commerce data. Frontend is written in Typescript and Angular. Communication with backend is managed by Apollo GraphQL. For testing we're using Cypress. We work in small teams, which also includes QA
Our stack:

  • Typescript / Angular / Apollo

  • Scala / Akka / Sangria     

  • AWS (DocumentDB, SQS, EMR, S3)     

  • Slack, Meet, Jira


Colleague who would help us with the AWS infrastructure WANTED! We develop internal applications for extraction & processing of e-commerce data. In AWS we use services such as EKS, SQS, Lambda, EMR, MWAA, DocumentDB. Project code is using Pulumi and is kept in Infra. Applications  are run on Kubernetes using Helm. We use Github to host the code and we use CircleCi on the CI / CD. We are open to explore new technologies and solutions to support our development goals.   However, we do not oppose exploring new services and solutions that will support or facilitate development