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Company Culture

At Openbean, we encourage our employees to think outside the box, collaborate and come up with innovative and creative solutions.

Benefits 💚

Professional Development
Investing in team members is very important for the success of our company. We provide access to online courses and resources to help them improve their skills and knowledge.

Work Environment
We want you to do the best work and we know that doesn't always mean working from an office. At OpenBean, you will have the freedom to work from anywhere!

Work-life Balance
Flexible hours are also one of our benefits, you can enjoy the flexibility of setting your work hours to achieve the best results and work-life balance.

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This is our story. 🚩

Open Bean was established in early 2018 as a result of the shutdown of Jumpshot, asub-division of Avast that focused on big data processing, machine learning, and building web applications. Almost every member of the Open Bean team had previously worked at Jumpshot, and they shared a passion for innovation and a desire to continue their work in the field.


Ondřej Macháček

Founder & CEO

photo of Open Bean CEO - Ondra Machacek

In the beginning, Open Bean was a one-man company that focused on the development of fraud detection technology. However, in 2019, founder Ondřej Macháček decided to leave his regular job to be 100% focused on further developing Open Bean.

photo of Open Bean lead contractor - Petr Šlajchrt

Petr Šlajchrt

Consultant Lead


By 2020, Open Bean had established two strong business streams, which resulted in a turnover of 16 million CZK.


As the company continued to grow, new business streams were being negotiated in 2021, and the expected turnover was set to increase to 75 million CZK.

Lucia Mocnak

HR manager

photo of Open Bean HR manager - Lucia Mocnak

and today ?

Nowadays we have approximately 130 software engineers, and the company formed strategic partnerships with key players in our industry.

We collaborated on shared research and development efforts.

This helped us access new markets and expand our customer base from a regional to an international level.

We are always looking for talented people.

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